Thursday, March 27, 2003

So webcomic boy has fallen into his requisite depression that happens every now and then. I could make it all better.
*evil laugh*
I hope it snows and snows and snows at around 2AM tonight. Cuz you know what that means.....
Hey party people: if you wanna see a new issue of JNSQ come out in the near future, send some stuff my way. Do your own page layout (decorate it, etc) so I don't have to. It would please me greatly.
Hop on over to the new blog Sarah P. and I are doing called The Tampon Project. It promises to be interesting and stimulating reading.
I've gotten even sicker if that's possible. But I'm in a really good mood despite.
Gus says the french eat babies. I wonder if thats true.
See ya later
Peace out

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