Friday, March 14, 2003

I feel really good today. I have a neat bracelet on my wrist with my name and DOB on it. IT is the neatest thing. I still have it on because it is totally cool. I have three little punctures on my hands and arm from where they tried to start an IV but couldn't. I got my IV started and then I was wheeled into the procedure room and given a spray at the back of the mouth that tasted like butt. But it numbed up my gag reflex. Then the doctor came in and gave me demoral to make me relax. Heheh. The twilight zone is a wonderful place. All I remember is biting down on something. Then they had to wait for my throat to un-numb and then I went home. But I couldn't put on my shoes myself because I might fall off the bed. Then I got a vanilla milkshake from Burger King and I drank and it tasted good. I had Erbert and Gerberts and it tasted good.
There Meghan, are you happy?

"The first thing you loose on a diet is brain mass." - Margaret Cho

Today was a good day.

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