Thursday, March 06, 2003

DUDE! 2 posts in one day! This is unreal. I'm currently seeing how fast and how violently I can type. I'm doing pretty well but not as well as my english can type: she is the most violent and the most fast. Sometimes I hear her type during classtime and it is so scary. Ok, now my violence and fast level has sort of petered off. The palms of my hands are soooooo dry. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
You know what? I'm not really all that tired anymore.
Wait....oh yeah...I still am. I'm really hungry. I want some crackers. I wanna nap too. I wish I could fast forword through German and lunch and band and get to Oceanography where I would take the test and then be at the end of the day. Then I could go find Tony and we could run like mad-people (not madmen) to my car which I conviently parked near the place where Tony and I meet and then we would fly home and watch Trading Spaces and giggle and then we would watch Changing Rooms and giggle some more. Then I would get ready for work and I would take Tony to his car and then I would go to work. I would work and I wouldn't be sitting around all jittery and excited for NEW LONDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would work and work and work and I wouldn't mount slides because that would be disastrous because I would royally fuck up. I would wait on people but then I might get mad at customers for being stupid and that's no good. After work I would go to the grocery store and buy Poptarts and Kettle Korn and saline solution. I would go home and go to the basement to get my little black rolling suitcase and the boardgame SCRABBLE and then I would go upstairs to my room and pack up all my goodies being sure to remember my knitting and whatnot. Then I would brush my teeth and put in my retainer and take out my contacts but not in that order. I would put on my PJs and hop into bed and read Portrait In Sepia by Isabell Allende for a while untill my eyelids started to droop and then I would turn out the light and go sleepy-by.
But since it's only fourth hour and I can't time travel (unlike Donny Darko) I have to sit through the rest of my classes and the suffer through public education.
Thank you and have a nice day.

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