Saturday, March 15, 2003

John Wallace is a legend. He is my punk buddy that I've talked to on and off since I was 15. But we haven't talked in a long time. But I was checking one of my old email adresses and there was litle note from him! Yay! So I immediatley answered it and told him to start emailing me at my real email adress. Nahahaha!
I am listening to Andrew W.K. Hair metal is so much fun.
Last night a set of blinds fell on my face at Sarah E.'s house and my lip split open and started to bleed profusely. With that split lip, the damn of my pain broke open and I couldn't stop crying. I love you Rachel Rindo - for holding me and getting me a tissue and hugging me and not letting me drive home till I calmed down. You are a true friend.
So who actually reads this blog from day to day? I know crazy Meghan W. does and then she's all "Oh how did your test go?" in english and I'm all "how did you know?" I'm crazy.
I'm going to the mall today to spend my paycheck and eat chicken tariaki. (I can't spell I'm sorry!) I have a new appreciation for food.
I should go harass my brother. I still have 45 minutes to kill before I can call my partner in crime, the lovely miss R. Rindo.
God I love her.
God I love you all.

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