Tuesday, March 25, 2003

I think I broke my blog. I tried to put up a tag board like all the cool kids are doing but it didn't work I don't think. Anyway. My head is stuffed up and my ears are plugged. My nose is a well of snot. I went to Nate's house on friday night and then I was sick on saturday.
Nate is your house harboring some kind of virus? I hope it isn't because that would suck majorly.
State is in two more weeks. I am excited. I am tingling with excitement.
I couldn't sleep last night. I kept waking up. For some reason, whenever I have bouts of sleeplessness, I get really pissed at my body. I say, "Hey you body! Let me sleep!" But my body just sneers at me and says, "Nahaha I'm gonna make you toss and turn because it's really fun. Lalalalala!" So I try to read about Ernest Shakelton or Ty Pennington but the sleepy by doesn't come any faster. So I piddle a few times and turn on the cieling fan. The cool air blows between my toes which are peeking out from under my blanket. My eyelids try to be heavy but my body wants me to suffer. I don't like this much.
That's all for now. My ears are still plugged.

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