Friday, March 07, 2003

I don't feel like working on my syntax-anal thingie. I am too excited to go to New London. Kyle (there's enough Kyle to go around) will not be there so it will not be as much fun. Nor will he be going to state so I can't make him go to A Room of One's Own (the totally cool feminist bookstore). It just won't be the same.
Anyway, I think this syntax stuff is really lame. I don't like assignments that aren't the bomb diggity. They make me sad and depressed.
Tony and I had an awesome time watching Trading Spaces. We also watched Changing Rooms (the BBC counterpart) and it happened to be the episode where both sets of neighbors hate their rooms. One lady hated it because it was not exactly as how she wanted it to be. That's not the point of the show. She also hated it because it had brown in it and it was a theme. It wasn't even a bad brown. God. The other room I can understand. It was way too modern for the people it was made for. But oh well.
I worked last night and there were way too many people on and not enough stuff to do but that's okay. I had a lovely, tasty sammich with ham, whole wheat bread, chedar cheese and LOTS OF MUSTARD! Of course!
I found out this morning that there will be 900 competitors at the New London meet. 900. If I place, it will be an act of God.
Seriously, even though I'm agnostic.
An act of God.
I'll get you the lowdown on Sunday.

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