Wednesday, November 01, 2006

First Post of NaBloPoMo

Happy NaBloPoMo month! Ummm so I know its 10:58 on day one but better late then never right? Remember a few posts back when I was complaining about how Data Analysis was taking over my life? Yeah well I have an exam tomorrow morning. I like to obsessively study before the exams I take. For the classes that matter to me, anyway. We are allowed a 5x7 notecard and my writing on my card is teeny tiny. You need a microscope to read it. The joints in my hand hurt from writing so small and knitting up a storm when I wasn't writing big enough for an ant to read. I am gonna be so glad when that exam is over tomorrow but my hand is gonna hurt a lot. I'm left handed and I've always held my writing utensil of choice kinda funny. I guess my elementary school teachers couldn't deal with it because they put me in "pencil grip therapy." I had to meet with this lady once a week or so and we would do all sorts of exercises to get me to get used to writing the "correct way." The therapy sort of took but I found I couldn't make my writing as neat when I griped my pencil the correct way. So nowadays, I switch back and forth. Only problem is, the "wrong" way makes my hand cramp a lot faster then it used to.
I was going to post about another knitting project I had finished but my bed is calling me. I'm not really a night person. If I get going on something, then I can be up till 1 or 2 working on it but really I prefer to go to bed at a decent time and wake up early. So while I'm between the sheets around 11, I'm really asleep around more like 12 or 1. I stay up and read or watch downloaded TV shows on the computer. Lately I have been staying up to knit, which is dangerous, but I find late night is the only time I have to knit. It would be just like me to stay up all night knitting.
So tomorrow I will be better at posting earlier. I'll let you know how the exam goes. And Miss Sarah McK? Don't get discouraged about blogging! It is fun to write for yourself even if no one reads it. That's why I've been doing it. Because I can type faster than I can write in a journal. My hand can't keep up with my thoughts. So keep on, keepin' on. You're doing great!

PS - How crazy was Lost tonight? I was worried the show turning into suckiness but tonight was an episode that went back to the way it was season 1 and 2. Damn.

See you tomorrow!


Sarah said...

Gah, lost! I don't really like Echo, so I didn't really care but yea, the freakin' dark faerie cloud rocked! (In a bad way?)
I stay up far too late. Every night. Like tonight.
Erm, are we like weird twins? Cuz I had to go to writing therapy as a small child. I got a D for reading/writing in fourth grade and mommy dearest FREAKED out. The teacher was scurred. So, off to therapy for my writing. I still suck at it :).

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