Saturday, November 11, 2006

Day 11

Yo this NaBloPoMo thing stops for no one. I just realized that even though I am getting all sassy and classy, I still have to write a blog post.
In between studying for my data anal final, I went with Katie to the High Falls Film Festival to see a showing of What Remains, the documentary about Sally Mann. Sally Mann is one of my favorite photogs. Her work is fine art but even from a biomed photo perspective it is approachable and easy to understand. A lot of fine art work seems hostile to me because my eyes aren't especially trained to look at it the way I can look at a scientific picture. The movie was really good and inspiring, especially the way it shows how Mann lives art every day in her life.

I guess I will try to write something more cohesive tomorrow. For now I am getting sassy and classy!

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