Thursday, November 16, 2006

Day 16: Yessss

This picture is real. Today, Rochester rained all day. The rain stopped and the sky began to clear right at sunset. I glanced out the window and saw this amazingness. Of course I had to grab my camera and run outside.

It looked so surreal. Like a Dali painting or something I only dreamed about.

I am constantly looking out the window. My desk is situated next to the window in my bedroom. I can sit at my computer and just turn my head to see outside. The is of a parking lot and the rear of some of the academic buildings. But the sky is always beautiful to look at.

This is often the view at sunset between the apartment buildings and parking lots that I see when I head home from class. I always wish I had my camera with me to document it and today I did. Lucky shot.

Today started out kind of blah. But I don't think I want to talk about the blah reasons. These reasons are best kept to myself so I can put them behind me. However, the day perked up when I had lunch with Dan. Then I came back and checked the mail. Yess! No One Cares What You Had For Lunch was sitting in my mailbox. There was another surprise too! A postcard from my dear Miss Asia. I used to babysit for that kid. She was 4 when I started to sit for her and now she's 8. I feel old. The postcard is very cute, along with her writing that wavers over the card. I remember when I was learning to write and managing to write across a page in a straight line frustrated me to no end. I couldn't seem to master it. I stuck pages of lined paper underneath my clean, blank page to help me. I still can't really draw straight lines. But I don't let it bother me.
Tomorrow, a post from the book. Today I recommend things. Mary recommends: looking at the sky, listening to the This American Life podcast, sleeping in to the perfect time (I vote for 10AM. Not too late, but still not too early.)

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Sarah said...

haha sarah sleeps in till 5pm... too late to get anything but dinner, a movie, and sex in until you have to wake up at 8 the next day! AWESOME!