Monday, November 20, 2006

Day 20: Mshsshejk

Thoughts on wisdom teeth:
-I like Nitrous oxide.
-Weird that I got to listen to an iPod through the whole thing. It is interesting to hear Ani Difranco cover Dylan's "Hurricane" while some one is yanking things out of my mouth. But I didn't care because the gas, IT IS AWESOME.
-Post surgery? I WISH I COULD CHEW. I've only eaten applesauce today. I quite enjoy it but I wish I could eat something other than that and the soup part of chicken noodle soup.
-Vicodin. Mmmm.
-Hanging out on the couch all day? Also cool. That Big Lots commercial I keep seeing? Not as cool.
-It is a little disconcerting to take blood soaked gauze out of my mouth. I didn't know my mouth could bleed that much. Don't worry, I took pictures.
-And dude, I totally had the dental assistant save my teeth. Yessss.

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