Monday, November 13, 2006

Day 13: How lucky! A Real Post

Hot Leg Warmers
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Lookit! Another finished project! Yay me! These legwarmers literally flew off the needles, they were such a quick knit. Here are the specs:
Yarn: Lamb's Pride Worsted
Needles: 10.5 dpns
Pattern: None really. Just 2 strands held together for a k2, p2 rib.

Miss Fuji requested leg warmers as she likes to rock the capris well into the chilly months. Because I love Fuji dearly, I obligied and whipped up a pair for her. Most of the time, when I knit for other people, I don't get anything in return but this time was different! Behold!

The Awesome Bag
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Super awesome bag! A genuine Linny Lu original. I love this bag. The colors, the pattern, and the size are all perfect. I'm tickled that Fuji made me this in return. I lurve it.

So finals week is going ok, thus far. I spent a few hours at the library going Data Anal till my eyeballs fell out. Tomorrow won't be any different. I have my Personal Finance Management final - which isn't that important to me - and then the rest of the day to prepare for Data Anal. Plus some miscellaneous work to finish up. Sigh. Its almost over, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
I know there were other exciting things I wanted to write about, I just can't think of them now. Boo. As far as knitting goes, I'm moving right along on a hat for one of my rookies. I've left the socks for Dan I was working by the wayside but will probably pick them back up again for the planeride home. I am intrigued by the Entrelac technique. There is a pattern for a ginormous stole/scarf thing in the Scarf Style book that I want to try. Here is a good example of Lady Eleanor, as the pattern is called. (PS that blog is really cute, you should look around while your there.) I think to introduce myself to Entrelac, I will first make a dishcloth using that technique. There is a pattern can be found here. But I must say, I love the way Entrelac looks and I can't wait to try it out. Huzzah! Hopefully more pictures and such tomorrow. I got some stories to tell.

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