Sunday, November 26, 2006

Day 26: For reals!

Pain makes you do silly things, kids. For instance, yesterday I felt like I was a goat who got rejected by the other goats and swiftly kicked in the mouth. So I would have totally had an excuse to skip out on NaBloPoMo. But Mary doesn't quite stuff quite that easily. (Ok, sometimes I do. If it is a job bagging groceries or something.) Through the pain of wisdom teeth, I vowed to post on my blog. Now I see the light at the end of the tunnel and it is beautiful! Anyway, on to other topics. I have a delightful story for you, cica 1992. This time I took pictures!

Oh yes, here we go. I think this was the first book I "published." To properly introduce myself to my adoring readers, I needed to let everyone know all about me.

Um...the cover page. Early graphic design work going on here. I see some promise.

I get right to the point.

Age seven. Old enough to have experienced so much of the world. And what the hell am I? Some kind of triangle person with T-Rex arms and crazy hair? Self image obviously needed improvement.

I was pretty enamored with my cat. She was a mere kitten as of that writing and although I was afraid of her at first, I grew to love her dearly. Don't laugh at me about being afraid of kittens. That drawing is totally true to life too.

That's kind of weird. Thanks for sharing.

I guess I was hoping to find some people to share in my fetish. Sadly, no takers.

Again! I mention the age! The cat! The brother who denied my existence!

Oh man I will have to dig up some other gems for you before this whole NaBloPoMo thing is over. Sweet!