Thursday, November 02, 2006

Awww Yeah Day 2

Elle's Finished Hat
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This is Elle. This is Elle wearing her new hat, hand-knit by Me! Last November Elle asked me to knit her a hat in a specific style and even bought yarn for me. Well I tried real hard. But for some reason (much like seed stitch) increases bewildered me. So the hat sat in a plastic bag in my stash box. I finally felt confident enough to pick the hat back up again and knit the whole thing up in less than a week. I really love the color - I think it really suits Elle, besides the fact that it's called "roasted coffee bean" and Elle is a coffee freak. So my habit of knitting hats lives on.
Sorry. That last bit was kind of disjointed and weird. I'm trying to listen to the This American Life podcast. It's really good by the way.
So its day 2. Yup. My data anal exam went pretty well I think. Is it weird that I kind of like data analysis? It's the only math I've ever done that really makes sense and that I can see myself using in my life. There is something really satisfying about crunching numbers and going through the steps and coming up with something coherent and cohesive rather than x=2.5 or whatever. It's numbers that actually have meaning and it forces me to think a lot about the processes I'm going through. I can see why its in the curriculum in our major.
It's Thirsty Thursday. Yay. Who cares if you have to work at 7:30AM? I don't. Wee.

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Sarah said...

That hat is super fantastic. I love it. And it looks real good on Elle.