Sunday, November 19, 2006

Day 19: Home!

I'm home at last. I have been scheming all day, trying to figure out a delightful post for you. No dice. Home is great. My Mom was all excited for my arrival. My bro and his lady met me at the airport and transported me back to EC. (It's 90 from the Minneapolis airport to hoooome.) We get into the garage, park the car, and immediately the door that connects the house to the garage is opened. My Moms is standing there in her nightie, all atwitter. Dad was back there somewhere too, pajama clad and crabby he was awakened. But its not everyday your daughter comes home to visit from college. As far as I can tell, EC hasn't changed too much. But then again, I haven't been beyond the grocery store yet. My Mom and I went on a mission today to stock up for the Great Wisdom Teeth Removal. She is excited. What mother is excited for her child to have teeth ripped from her gums? MINE IS. We got yogurt, bananas, soup, and stuff to make smooties. Yes! The only downside to this whole affair is the missing of Thanksgiving dinner. I am lobbying for yams this year - a break from tradition for us - as they are another food that can be mashed up and consumed by someone who will be like a baby cutting new teeth. That all goes down tomorrow, bright and early in the morning. I got movies to watch too! Yippe! It'll be like being home sick except that I'll have gaping holes in my gums!

In other news, I survived Data Analysis and managed to score a B. Yay me! I'm so proud of me. I worked really really really hard and it paid off. Wowie zowie.

I want to photographically document my wisdom experience and we'll see what kind of entry comes out of the whole thing tomorrow.


Jen said...

Getting The Teeth out can be sort of fun... if you make sure to ask for plenty of vicodin! I mean, I would guess. I don't know from personal experience or anything like that.

Sarah said...

Rawr! Yay for Data Anal and things! Say hi to your mommmy for me.

I LOVE YOU and pablo says "squeek squeek" which means "hi i love you!"