Friday, November 03, 2006

Day 3

Maybe I should post earlier in the day? Hmmm
So this whole post a day thing is going pretty well. I kinda like it. Erin and I just made a Jack Apple Pecan Spice cake. What is this? you ask. Well. It is a spice cake with apples, Jack Daniels (yes! whiskey!), pecans and other assorted goodies. It is in the oven as we speak. Well, as I write this. The cake batter requires two tablespoons of whiskey while the glaze requires three. Um, which can you taste the whiskey more in? This cake has the feel of the perfect cake for fall. Warm and moist with apples and...whiskey.
I was late for work today. Oopsie. Dan spent the night and he kept pressing the snooze button on my alarm. Then decided to tell me it was 7:27. Thanks dude. I threw on clothes and raced out the door. I made it there by 7:40. Damn I walked fast. I hate being late. But I think I posted sometime back about that? Not sure.
Another thing I hate is checking out and returning equipment to the photo cage. We are doing group projects in AV production and my group is conducting a lot of interviews as part of our film. The people we chose to interview all have different schedules and of course that leads to filming on different days. So that also means checking out equipment on different days too and then returning it. So I was returning the video camera and tripod. The cager who was checking me in was real snotty. Oh! My favorite! First he bitched at me because I put the tripod in its case the wrong I didn't know there was a right way? Then as he was checking in each indivdual part of the camera kit proceeded to again give me shit about how the cords were arrange. They needed to be neatly coiled. Again, I had no idea. I've checked out a stupid camera tons of times before and returned it the way I found it and no one has said anything about how the cords were coiled. Then he made me coil them. Well fuck that. Cagers piss me off. I know its busy up there and you are responsible for expensive camera equipment but don't take it out on me. My job isn't the easiest too, ok? I'm actually responsible for people's classwork and if I fuck up I'm in bigger trouble then you. Shooooooove it.
On to nice topics.
I guess I don't have any. I'll let you know how the cake was.

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Sarah said...

Mmm, you used my whiskey right. I better get some tastes!! Hurray!