Saturday, November 01, 2003

What is the other 20%?

I should be working on my biotech lab report. But I don't wanna. It's saturday morning! The day after halloween. I have to report to work in 63 minutes.
I should've done my running thang this morning but I decided breakfast and blogging was more important. We will see how it goes after work. That is when I will probably do it.

I've procrastinated too much on the fucking lab report. I shall now refer to it as FLR. I should be working on it. But I can't! Not when the keyboard is so ripe to be used to convey thoughts other than scientific ones.
So here goes
My fingernails are crooked. It is driving me wild.
All of my college applications are in. Yay! I ended up applying at Univeristy of Minnesota, UW-Madison, and of course Rochester Institute of Technology (where I want to study biomedical photographic communications. Say that 4 times fast and don't get tongue tied! I dare ya!)
I answered the door for tricker treaters last night cuz daddy is not around this weekend. (Thankfully.) Herr Fleming brought his kinder and demanded candy. Literally. I told him he had to be nice and not eat any small children. I got mad when the little brats who came to the door would just stand there with their bags open and not say "Trick or treat!" That is what you are supposed to do otherwise I will close the door in your face. I especially loved it when they didn't say thank you. But the little itty bitty kids who could barely say "trick or treat" where my favorites. The ones I had to squat down to give candy to because they were so tiny. But by far the highlight of my evening was see Miss Asia in her costume. How can one child be so sweet and smart and wonderful? I wanted to give her extra candy but she had an annoying friend with her. Damn.

I am stinky!
I keep hearing "My United States of Whatever" in a skateboarding video game commericial. While I am happy that Liam Lynch is getting those royalties. It makes me sad. Why is it there? Oh well.
My mom is talking loudly to the cat. Best go get ready for work.

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