Friday, November 21, 2003

My tummy hurts. Tonight I will have a lovely smoothie. It will be delicious and well-earned. I will finish taking Sarah's "senior" pictures. It is bad when your camera runs out of bateries but you don't believe it has because you think your camera is invincible so you try to force it take pictures anyway and when it won't you call it crappy and then you check the battery levels and realize that your camera isn't invincible and that sometimes it needs to refuel. That was the longest run-on sentence ever in the history of sentences.
I tried my hair today with a blow-dryer and not the naturally occuring air. It is fluffy and soft. I like it like this. I am turning too girly.
I hope it doesn't snow tomorrow. At least in the morning. I like to run and I want to go outside to run not to my basement. My basement is boring and kind of scary. I am afraid that spiders will come out of the cieling and fall in my mouth and I will be forced to eat them. Who says I can't run in snow? My mom for one. She will say I will get a cold. But a cold cannot catch me if I am running away from it and I am faster than the cold.
Evan do not flatter yourself. You are douche plain and simple. I have forgiven you long ago for your misdeed. But it would be nice if you payed a penance of some sort. I like penances.
My brother will be home next week. Our goal for this christmas is to make our mom cry again. Last year we did when we gave her a caricature drawn of the two of us. This year we will have real photographs take of ourselves (together of course) in a studio with a professional photographer (Mary Jo at Sharp) and she will cry because she has this wonderful picture of her wonderful children.

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