Wednesday, November 19, 2003

I'm back from RIT! All went well. The interviewer said that 80% of the early decision candidates are accepted. Which is good. But I don't want to say anything yet because I do not want to jinx it yet. I will know in January.

When I was there I realized that there is a big world outside of EC and that I cannot wait to get out of it. No matter where I go to college. Plus how many colleges have a Ben and Jerry's stand in the student union?

I hate AP US History. The tests are impossible to study for. They come straight from the book and if I go through and study each chapter that is 20 pages of reading times 4 chapters equals 100 pages to study. How the shit am I supposed to do that? Ughhh. Of course I will manage it in college. I better. At least I hope I do. I cannot be afraid of taking tests. Nope nope nope.

Where is my giant remote that lets me fast forword through time? If I had it I would fast forward to Christmas and then I would go to florida and come back and know where I am going to college.

Ohhhh well.

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