Thursday, November 20, 2003

I am a badass gangsta bitch! I should be doing my summary for the lab we just did (which I was not here for) in Biotech but I'm not!

Sarah E -- if you read this before I'm supposed to come pick you up I'm going to be late because I have a forensics meeting I have to be at. OKEY DOKEY?

Mr. Allen has a sign in his room that says it is safe to talk to him about porn. I don't believe him.

Passports are fun. I took many passport pictures at work last night. I think I might have set a personal record. I took at least 5 I think. Horray!

So much homework. Hmmmmmmmm. I am bad because I have been putting off AP US. I am baaaaaad.

The bell is going to ring soon. I should shut up.

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