Tuesday, November 04, 2003

I love being clinically depressed, oh I love it so! When it hurts so bad to feel so good, I love being clinincally depressed!

That's my little song.
I do not like being sick.
I wonder if I stopped going to school if Sarah would be the only one who noticed. Then she would have more space in our locker.
My hair is very wet.

Some people (*fake cough*Evan M.) get too excited for Christmas. You see, in my line of work, Christmas is an evil evil holiday. Christmas is hell on earth. I do not like it. People are dumb, people are lazy, and people are mean. That is what I learn each Christmas. People leave things untill the last minute and then expect you to make things all better for them if they give you some sob story about how they couldn't get out to Eau Claire because their cat broke it's leg. That's why they need you to rush their order ahead of everyone else's because they were stupid and put things off untill the last minute. I DON'T FUCKING CARE.
I don't like Christmas because I see people being greedy and mean and disagreeable and even some of my bastard co-workers get stupid. Leaving you to do all the dirty work. "I'll just go home early tonight because I'm hung over when I'm really just going to go out again tonight and drink and then show up at work tomorrow half drunk still and not do my fair share of the work."

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