Thursday, July 17, 2003

I've only checked for the mail twice today. I think that may be a record. Hmmmm Sierra got her scores, but why didn't I get mine? This drives me crazy!
Good party last night. Too bad I had to leave at midnight cuz I have a curfew unlike all of you lucky bastards. Poo. (I'm pouting.) Anyway, I had lots of fun and I got to be an army of love for John Cusack. (I forget how to spell his name.)
There was a big fire near my house on tuseday night. It was scary because lots of old people lived in the apartment building that burned up. I hope they are all ok. It was also strange to see basically the entire neighborhood come out of their houses and passerby stop too, to watch the progress of the fire fighters.

I'm trying to give the mailman time to get his rear in gear. I wish he would be consistent and come at the same time every day. I guess that must be too hard.....
It's 1PM! I can go check for the mail!

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