Thursday, July 03, 2003

I worked late...again...1:20AM! Whoohooo! Yet I am still tired.
Ok so I'm going to tell about my trip.
First we drove to Des Moines. Then we drove to Colorado Springs and stayed for two days. We went up Pike's Peak and saw the Garden of the Gods (cool rock formations) there. Then we drove to Sedona, AZ. We stayed there for a long time. We saw the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam. Sedona itself is also very pretty. It's got these red rock formations. Then we drove to Amarillo, TX. Then we drove to Independence, MO and saw Harry S. Truman's house. Boring! Then we drove home.
I was bored a lot of the time because I had no one to talk to besides my parents. They are boring and don't talk much. My mom knitted a million scarves. My dad drove a lot and talked about crap. I sat in the back and tried to pretend I was in a different place. Occaisonally I would screech, "I'M STILL HERE!!" and they would say that they know, they hadn't forgotten me. I did that about once every two hours. Also, I slept a lot.
Last night when I was working I found out that Teresa likes the Mr. T Experience (as do I) and that we both have the same favorite Mr. T Experience song ("Swiss Army Girlfriend") so we listened to them and it was good. T and I make a good team late at night.
All of my vacation pictures have been printed. Yay! Also it's my birthday in seven days. I will be eighteen. Wowie!
My dad bought fireworks in New Mexico that have pandas on them. Isn't it exciting?

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