Tuesday, July 22, 2003

I'm so tired I might go to bed early tonight.
Last night I fell asleep in the car on the way home because Sarah and Greg were talking about boring things. I don't think they noticed. When I woke up, the convo was still boring. I wish I could be as well read as those two.
But we are going again tomorrow! I cannot wait! The zoo! Twice in one week! Como Zoo not Minnesota. That place (MN zoo) bites my ass. You can really smell the exotic animal shit at the Como Zoo.
I'm listening to Ben Fold's right now and it reminds me that I'll be going to see him in less then a month. With Tori, too no less!
Ugggh. My head hurts. I'm mad at my brother cuz he punched me in the stomach really hard for touching his Metallica tickets. A waste of money I say.
I wish I could wax intellectual about something. I don't even know as much about cameras as I think I do.
And bisexual porn! We couldn't pull those boys away from it!

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