Monday, May 31, 2004 it has come and gone.
I graduated. It's not like its sad or anything - its just surreal. Like, I've been waiting all year for it to happen and it finally did but I wasn't paying attention. Then I see people I know from school who are younger and I feel like I have to go to class again tomorrow but I don't.
Instead I am drinking rootbeer feeling bad cuz I don't have the guts to write to my german all in german. Cuz I'm afraid she'll think I am a stupid American even tho she says she doesn't care. It seems stupid to write half in english and half in german. I think I will function ok in Germany. My grad party was today and I carried on part of a conversation with someone in germglish. But I survived it. I think I can do three weeks of that.
By the way...the kids who were in my history class are the sweetest. Plus I emailed Mr. B about something and he wrote back and called me "dawg." No.
That is not right.
All y'all who came to my party - it was super awesome of you to come even though I didn't get to hang out with you alot there were many people.
Peace out yo.

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