Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Call me Ishmael.

No me soon to be high school graduate.

It's a little scary but the time is coming fast. Tomorrow is my last day at ye ole memorial and i am glad to say i am not sad about it. (oops i wrote tit instead of it my mind shall always be in the gutter i fear)i have two difficult finals tomorrwo - german (a unit test) and pottery both shall be extremely taxing. just kidding.

I leave for the fatherland in 12 days. I am excited. Sort of. The problem is I never get excited for anything anymore. Maybe I might be a little excited to leave for college but getting on a plane and sitting there for 15 hours does not excite. Yes I get to see dear old Katja again but its no biggie. I'm too blase (is that the right word) about all this stuff. My apathy, I fear, has grown not just from a small infection to a raging tumor.
That is all. When next I write, I shall be finished with public education forever.

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