Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Daddy! Neville spoke about you today! She said you were only able to get into the AP Lit and Comp (which apparently people overslept for) by pure charm! Wow you are the neatest!

By the way did I mention I'm in a play? Witness for the Prosecution will be performed next thursday and friday at times I'm not sure about. I will offer incentive to those who come: I do bad things to Ben Ticknor. That is my character does but who is to say I won't switch out a very important prop? Hint hint

In pottery now. Done with my ugly ass caterpillar.
Jessica Simpson is such a great singer. Mr. Ingersoll would probably make this abomination go away if he were here. For now, the thugs rule the music choice.
First of 3 AP tests tomorrow. Wish me luck yo.

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