Wednesday, June 11, 2003

So the phone rang a little while ago and I answered it "Hello Sharp Photo" I have been working too much! Last night I worked till 11PM. It was fantastic! I am the super sorter! You know that movie The Fast and the Furious? Well it's about me! I'm a fast and furious sorter and everyone is in awe of my speed.
I'm hungry. I think I will eat something.
This lady called at work yesterday and was asking questions about copyright releases and then she said, "And I have one other comment. You're voicemail system has no rotary phone option so I was forced to switch phones." OH! GOD FORBID SHE SHOULD HAVE TO USE A DIFFERENT PHONE! I think she needs to enter the 21st century and get herself a touchtone phone. Cuz they are what most people use. I don't think they even make rotary phones anymore. Goddddd

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