Monday, June 09, 2003

Do they have used Gameboy Advances at Gamestar? I need to know I have a long car ride full of show tunes and Frank Sinatra ahead of me.....please help......

Do you wanna know how stupid I am? Ok here goes: I was checking my webcomics and I came to Penny Arcade and I was reading the post and then I moved on to the next webcomic (Theater Hopper) and totally forgot to read the comic itself. I didn't realize it untill I was on to reading blogs. And it was the continuing saga of the Fruit Fucker which makes me laugh to no end. Uggh I need to stop namedropping.
I don't want to meddle with switching my checking accounts because it's really time consuming and it might piss off my dad. I try not to do that. But thanks for the advice.
I really wanted to see Finding Nemo today but when I woke up I realized that I didn't have a car. Goddamn Peter and his job! I shake my fist at you! I am supposed to be the industrious one. Plus Pete is slooooooowly peeling off the Harry Potter stickers I so loveingly applied to the steering wheel. At least when I am forced to honk my horn, I can do it with joy.
The real question of the day is where the hell did Sarah and Cole go on saturday night? One minute both were present and accounted for at Rocky's the next both were gone and Cole's car was still sitting in the parking lot. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Yeah Cole if you're reading this - give up the goods.
I have to fold laundry or wash dishes today. I get to pick which one and leave the other for Petey. I'm so folding laundry!!!!
Did you know that my birthday is a month and one day away?
By the way Nate - happy birthday tomorrow. I remember like this: my friend John's birthday is one month before mine (June 10th), so is Nate's, then comes mine (July 10) and then comes Brian Crawford's (July 11). It's that simple!!!! Don't think I'm creepy or anything Nate. Cuz I'm not. At least I don't think I am.
I saw pictures of two people goin' at it at work yesterday. Red faced man with his shoes still on on top of ugly woman. I didn't study it that closley! It looked like someone just flung open the door of the room. Not like it was on purpose or anything.

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