Tuesday, June 10, 2003

I love love love working late at Sharp. I'm not being sarcastic. Here is why: I am making time and a half, there are no customers to wait on, we can play the radio as loud as we like, we can ignore the drivet through window, we can take really long breaks or naps and get paid for it, plus I can do cartwheels in the parking lot at 11PM. Around 11PM we took a break. My two coworkers needed to smoke and I needed to get out of the lab. So I did cartwheels and they clapped and slowly developed lung cancer. Our original estimated time of being done was 2:30AM but one of the machines decided to be bitchy and it's not like we're trained Fugi technicians. So we packed it in. I was working on the other machine that wasn't freaking out sorting (sorting entails going through each printed roll of film and taking out pictures that look bad - color, density, etc - and sending them back to be corrected) and we finished every roll that was due before noon the next day. So we finished and my two coworkers went to Chester's to unwind. I went home. And cleaned my room. I slept till noon and my mom tried calling me to tell me something important and it was funny because I could not comprehend a word she was saying.

Nate are you sure you want to lend me your GBA? I might drop it into the Grand Canyon.

I can't read in the car anymore. I get car sick. Especially if my father is driving. See he used to drive a bus when he lived in Chicago and now he thinks when he drives a car that he can drive it like a bus. That means doing many things at once. I fear for my life and often find myself being jerked around the road to avoid oncoming traffic. I can listen to music while I ride in a car but I have to be doing something else. Writing in my paper journal is no good because my hand writing gets all shaky. I could knit but I might stab myself in the stomach with a knitting needle.

I'm still really tired from last night. Ughh. I just want a nap. But I can't because I have to work tonight again. I'm such a glutton for punishment that if given the oppourtunity to work late again, I would.

When are we going to have that burning party? I gots to clear my social calender.

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