Wednesday, March 17, 2004

In honor of Saint Paddy's day I wore my Serbia Yay! shirt. It makes me ever so happy. I am also happy I am not Irish. Not that Irish people are bad, the Boondock Saints were Irish but they were a little...

I am tired of snow. My brother is home and I had to suffer through Iron Maiden in the car. It makes my heart ache. Soon he will be gone and I will get to stop eating red meat again as he demands massive amounts of beef at his meals.

The new art store downtown is pretty cool...if you like paint and pencils and all that stuff. I wish there was a really good photo store in EC. I would poop my pants. Actually I wouldn't but I would be very excited.

I don't know if the new Punisher movie can live up to Doph Lundgren's magnificent preformance.

I think I am done.

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