Thursday, March 11, 2004

I'm mad at the dep. of education. I want them to stop being stupid. I want them to stop sending me crap. I sent the FAFSA in why can't they just process it and stop being bitches? That would probably be too easy.

I just want this month to be other with. It is going by much too slow for my tastes. Once April hits it will be smooth sailing on the get done with school front. No I won't be fronting yo.

My lunchtime deep thoughts upon finally getting my string cheese open: "You know, as much as I like being an independent woman and all, I still like having a guy around to open my string cheese and sexually harass me."

That ladies and gentlemen is the honest truth.

By the way...I give Dirty Dancing Havana Nights four out of four stars. Yeah, its that good.

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