Tuesday, March 02, 2004

G-strings are a slingshot to Gemorah.

I loooove going to the library. It is like going to Border's except all the books are free! But sometimes there are weird people at the library. So Border's has the advantage there. Plus Border's has coffee.

I had so many things to say...and then I forgot them.

Forensics is going ok for those who care. I have an awesome piece this year about menstruation but I keep getting shitty judges. I know that judging is very subjective but I keep doing horribly at the meets. I think I should be able to choose who I want for judges because I seem to do the best with males between 20-25. I guess I'm just tired of doing forensics. This is my seventh year and I'm ready to be done. Ugggh.

It makes me happy that the director of such masterpieces such as Dead Alive won an Oscar.

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