Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Kill Bill was sweet! One of the coolest Germans in the exchange sat throught the entire movie saying at random intervals, "Fucking movie!"
You had to be there. Today that same German told me that my partner is a lesbian. But he says that about everyone.
I'm doing two things at once. How do you like that?
All of my college applications will be in by October 25. No exceptions. I promise!
Nipple is a funny word.
I don't think I will be doing my bi-weekly tonight as originaly planned. Ha! Take that!
I can't wait to go to Germany. It will be sweet.
I've been hanging out with Tia too much. I say "sweet" and "yeah dude" a lot.
Hmmm...I just finished doing AP US History and my little introductions are too little. They are way shorter than usual. I don't have any clever metaphors and anything. I've overused the dsyfunctional family one. This is not good.
Oh well. I'm not going back to do it again.

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