Thursday, October 02, 2003

I have a tiny little hole on my arm where a very big needle was. I feel really good after giving blood. Like I actually did something. It feels like community service on a much higher level. The saving lives level.

Katja is coming in 2 days!

I'm wearing my Chicago Cubs tshirt and my dad said he liked it a lot where did I get it? I said it used to be yours and he said na uh and said once you were this small dad

Good story!

Glynis is the joy of my life. (Next to you Sworva Jean) We scream things at each other in the hallway and people give us nasty looks but we don't care it is funny.

My uncle is on the cover of a minnesota bussiness magazine and I realized looking at it that he looks like a clean shaven Dominic Brotodeau. It's so weird!

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