Wednesday, February 05, 2003

I love half days of school! They are full of tastiness! I love the word tasty. It has such a nice ring to it. I'm in the middle of Writing with Style at the moment. Today is a half day and that makes me happy.
I want to talk about my fish. (Well, he's not really my fish, he's Mr. Suppon's fish, but I named him and after my tenure as a TA was up, someone started feeding him for me. Sierra is a goddess.) I love Twinkie (yes that is my fish's name) to death. He is tiny and purpleish-maroonish and oh - so - cute. He swims around his tank, a converted computer moniter, with such joy. He hides behind his plants and plays hide and seek. I love Twinkie! I think I might visit him today after school.
I have hairy fingers. Why is that? I am wearing an aquamarine sweater. It has a zipper and a hood. I just sneezed three times and Kinzy said, "Bless you." Yay me. I think I'm going to work on next week's sharing. I want to write about how much I love mustard. Mustard is a great word. You can mean "mustard" but say, "Mouse turd" HAHAHAHa
I'm so going to shut up now.

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