Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Hey! I am back in a big way and stuff. Back on an American keyboard that is. See on a German keyboard the y and the z are switched. That messed me up and now it feels weird to type either letter.
For all you Harry Potter fans out there....Harry and the Potters
Just what I always wanted, a band that sings about Harry Potter!
So news on my Mama and then we talk about Germany.
Mama is home with me now. She was in the hospital a very long time. But now she is home and back to her sassy self. Bossing me around and whatnot. It is good that she is home. I am happy. It was quite a contrast from when I left and saw my mother for the last time (she was in CCU, unconscious, all hooked up to tubes) to when I went to see her right after I got off the bus last wednesday. (My mother except with a little oxygen thingie in her nose and wearing a hospital gown.) For a while, I was considering putting RIT on hold. But if I can leave for 3 weeks and have her get better, then I can do the same for a school year.
Germany was a very good time. I don't have any good stories except for the one where I was in a car accident or the one where I went to a foam party at a disco or the one where I peed in the woods or the one where I fell in love with a pair of shoes. But you can all hear them another time. My host family was nice and stuff. I have yet to write to them to tell them I have arrived home safely and whatnot. Writing to Germans takes mad energy even if I do it in English.
I hope all you kids are having a nice summer. If anyone wants to hang out for a short period of time (I have to be around for my mom yo) then lemme know. Ok!

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