Monday, February 23, 2004

I went to the dentist. I have two cavities. My parents get pissed. But I had a childhood full of cavity free-ness. It's only two!
I'll get getting my wisdom teeth taken out soon too. How exciting.

Hey all you geeks! The new issue of Bust magazine (my favorite) will be the freaks and geeks issue! How exciting. For those of you geeks who happen also to be feminists.

My teeth hurt. Gee I wonder why.

I hope this week is a full week of school. I just can't get into the school groove. It feels all disjointed with the silly snow days and what not. I don't mind the fact that we have them because I don't have to make any of them up kind of sucks that all of my classes are four days behind schedule.

Econ is a silly class. I don't like my teacher.


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