Friday, February 06, 2004

At the absolute polar opposite....

Mary is not in a good mood today. Here is why:

Mary has a cold. And a forensics meet on saturday. And another one on Monday. Mary needs to get better or she will not perform good. So last night before bed, Mary takes cough medicine. Only Mary has forgotten how to read because she takes the non-drowsy formula. Mary is up all night.
Mary could've stayed home. Mary should've. But Mary is a glutton for punishment.
Mary went to school.
Mary went to first hour.
Mary got pulled out of first hour with a buncha other kids (which is band by the way) by Mr. Dasher (jerkface penis breath) only to be bitched at because we didn't give him two weeks notice that we would be missing a concert. (This for sub-districts - an important meet) But the problem is that we really did give him two weeks notice. Most of us did. Only two didn't. This wouldn't be happening if Dasher hadn't scheduled over the meet which was on the schedule before the band concert. If there had been any basketball games or hockey or swimming that night, we wouldn't be having a band concert. But because just forensics is going on, it doesn't matter. Forensics can just be brushed to the side.

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