Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Math Is Evil

In this post, Mary talks about how evil math is.

I apologize blog for neglecting you. You see I'm taking this class. It's called Data Analysis. Maybe you've heard of it? I didn't take it by choice, it is required. Required! The problem is, it has taken over my life. When I am not in other classes, I am in Data Analysis. When I am not doing homework for other classes, I am doing Data Analysis homework. I am up till late late doing homework for this evilness. When I am not thinking normal thoughts, I am thinking about Data Analysis. Each week I am consumed, swallowed whole almost, by the gaping beast that is Data Analysis (homework). The weekends? Are used for catching up on Data Analysis text note taking-ness! And don't even get me started on prepping for an exam in that class. I have been obsessed with studying for the past 2 days. The only reason I am even writing this post is because I am telling the little voice in my head that screams "Don't you have something to do for Data Analysis?" to shut up SHUT UP. I have a test tomorrow. I am gonna kick that test's ass yo. And then? I'll get maybe a day or two off, and then its back to Data Analysis again. Ugh.

I can't believe how busy I've been. I find every spare hour I have is scheduled in to do something. It is a bit daunting. But I like being busy. I hate being idle. School, work, rugby, sleeping. Everything must be scheduled. I barely have time to stop and notice that the trees are changing and the air is crisp and hey is it October already?

This weekend is Parent's Weekend. I am really looking forward to seeing my Mom and Dad. This year for the rugby game, I will actually be in for more than 10 minutes. (Unlike last fall but that is a long story for another time.) Everytime I think about the game, I get excited little butterflies in my tummy. Because we think we can win against our arch-nemesis, Buff State. Because we have been practicing hard all week. Because our field is a shit show (to say the least) and we've been practicing on it all week and its a home game so we are used to it's mushy consistency and they won't be. Because we all want our parents to see us kick some serious ass.

Love you all. Miss you Sworva Jean. People ask me about my bracelet and when I explain about who Evelyn is, I miss you all the more.

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SworvaJean said...

I miss you too, dear Mary- If you ever need to talk, just call me babycakes; we can wallow in depression together.