Thursday, September 21, 2006

Rochester, Knitting, and Other Things

I deleted the last post. I don't want to whine on this blog anymore about how sad and melancholy I am. I am trying to overcome depression and I will not let myself get so low that I find it necessary to type it out and lay it down for other people to read about. Its annoying. I am gonna be stronger from now on.

Today was a good day. You know when kind of notice the change from summer to fall, a couple of weeks after school starts when the weather changes ever so slightly? Suddenly its crisper and the mornings are cold and the afternoons get darker faster. Today was one of those days. It was beautiful. I've always tried to decide what my favorite time of year is. I thought definately it was summer for awhile because of hot weather and ice and swimming in lakes and no school. Then I was all about winter because of sweaters and hot chocolate and snow. But I think this time of year is my favorite. Its transition time and the air feels so ripe with possibilities. But I am fickle and often feel like every time of year is my favorite. I don't think I should have to choose.

But to get to the point. Today Rochester suprised me. I'm sorta limited in my explorations of Rochester - I have no car, the bus system is unreliable and I'm stuck at RIT. Henrietta is very different from the rest of the area. It's a place where people come to work, not live. But Katie took me to her neighborhood where she had found a yarn store. It was tiny with lime painted walls and shelves brimming with yarn. Everything I touched was so soft. A giant, fluffy white dog took up most of the tiny store. The owner was so nice and she chatted with us. I was really excited to find this place as Rochester seems to have a dirth of good yarn shops. There is one down on E. Henrietta Road but it is mostly full of novelty yarn. A nice selection of Lamb's Pride though. There's another one downtown in Midtown Plaza. That one is great but it is all the way downtown and Midtown Plaza is a bit creepy. I think I will definately come back when I am looking for something special. Down the street Katie and I visited the gay coffee shop. We bought delicious smoothies - berry blast for Katie and blueberry pomegrante for me. We both felt giddy with the discovery of the yarn shop and the coffee place. Rochester is full of suprises.

So I finished the baby blanket I made for cousin Maggie's new baby boy. It turned out beautifully. As soon as I finish this I am going to block it and hopefully send it out next week. I really hope she likes it. It's enourmous and so soft. I picked out cotton yarn because he is a California baby and wool would just not do. I hope another of the cousins gets preggers soon so I can knit another one.
I am also working on yet another hat for a friend. I also got some nifty yarn to make dishcloths with. Knitting is lifting my spirits.

Um so go watch this. It will make you giggle.

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