Friday, April 16, 2004

Ninja carrots! Evil and of doom! Rachel E you are truly diabolical.

Three tests today! I did not study for any of them. I am hardcore smart you see and I don't need to study. I am also a hardcore liar. Except about the smart part.

Look mom I can press the enter button without looking.

So the play is going ok. I expect all of you to be there since it is being preformed May 14 and 15 and college is done by then and you all better be home. (This is a message for my college hommies yo.) Cockney accents are hardcore hard yo. But it is fun to be evil. And sexy evil at that. So if you wanna see Mary as a sexy evil german lady and Donna as a butch forensic pathologist and Ben Ticknor as a dumbass then come to the play! But come mostly for me and Donna and not Ben.

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