Thursday, September 25, 2003

Nate you did not run for homecoming court. I don't believe you

I wish people could read my mind. It would be so much easier. Everyone would know exactly what I feel and would know when I lie. See I told everyone that I was Ok today. But I wasn't. I just...act so different from the way I feel on the inside. I hate my surroundings and I want out more than ever. I have no reason to go to school other than I have to. I have nothing to look forword to besides graduation. (And Katja. But that doesn't count!)

I hate procrastination. I have an AP Psych test tomorrow. I haven't studied or read the chapter or anything. I don't know why I take AP classes. Maybe it's cuz Pete did and I'm still in competition with him even though he's left high school.

Rachel are you still coming home tomorrow? I've been really excited all week...

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