Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Katja will be on American soil in a mere 11 days! My head might explode! Who is Katja? you ask. Well. She is my German partner from GAPP (German American Partnership Program) She and 26 others are coming to stay for two weeks (then they get to go to NYC) Katja wants to go to homecoming, so I will take her. It's fine I guess. Anyway I am really looking forword to it. Plus we are taking her to Chicago for a weekend to see all the museums and fun stuff!! Yay! I just hope my dad doesn't try to talk to her in german because the only phrase he knows is "Sprechen Sie Deutsch?" Which means: "Do you speak German?" Of course she speaks German! She is German! I try to correct his German when he tries to speak it but it doesn't always work. He thinks cuz he's been there, he's an expert. I laugh a lot.
Speaking of homecoming - I'm running for court. That's right. I'm running for court. Jenny Stone and I nominated each other today. Jenny says if she is elected queen she will go in drag. I think it will be really funny if I'm elected to court. Haha ha ha hah!
Got 8.5 on my introductions for Mr. B. Not bad. Still not happy, but he had reason to.
So I really like having a stay at home mom. Mom is always there when I get home. We watch Jeopardy together and talk about our days. So interesting.

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