Wednesday, January 22, 2003

I found my quote but now I don't feel like working on the outline. Look ma! No hands! I am typing on the keyboard and not looking at it at all. Wow I am so magical.
Last night I finished the best book I have read in the past few months, Bel Canto (by Ann Patchett.) Fan-fricking-tastic! The woman's writing is so beautiful. She describes such horrible conditions (a hostage situation) with such beauty and clarity. Then the ending...god. I gave myself a treat because I had been attempting to read John Locke and study for the ACT. The ACT part went ok but John Locke was a disaster. I threw it across the room I was so frustrated with it. Scared my cat half to death. Next I am going to read The Pianist by someone who's name I cannot spell or pronounce for that matter. It's the book that the new Roman Polansky movie is based on. With the guy that has the big nose. But he's still hot. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about.
So I have my first forensics meet in two weeks. I'm a little nervous. I'm double entered, which means that I will be competing in two categories: farago and storytelling. The reason I'm nervous is because I don't feel I've had enough practice time on either of my pieces. But we want to kick Durand's ass this year right? So this is what we have to do. I want to actually place this year. I am going to kick major booty. Yep time to go.
Meghan I hope you weren't too bored. You crazy crazyiness. I love creative spellings!

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