Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Lauren...baby, this one is for you

So I'm supposed to be writing an outline for a speech I will be giving about the rhetorical features of a quote from Stephen King's On Writing but I'm not as far as I should be in the book. Instead I am checking my web comics. (Is that one word of two?) I don't feel my day is complete unless I check my webcomics so I am doing that now. Or I was. Now I am writing in my blog. I changed it again. Do you like its magical fruitiness? I do. If I could be an html genius like I once was (yes believe it or not I did know masses of html. I have long forgotten the miles of code I memorized though.) I would manipulate the template. But I'm not! So I won't! Whooohooo! Now I am going away. Maybe I will write later.

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