Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Triumphant Return

So I could make a story about how I bumped my head and got amnesia and forgot I had a blog that I wrote in and stuff and apparently people read. That would just make me a big liar. Mary doesn't lie. The truth is, I got really, really lazy. I was doing the NaBloPoMo thing when a tragic event occurred and I lost all desire to talk to the internet every day for a month. If you go to RIT, you probably know what happened. If you don't go and want to know what happened, you are shit out of luck for now. I really don't have the energy necessary to write about that. But I promise I will.

Then winter happened. With winter, there is a general sense of malaise around these parts. To make a short story...shorter, I didn't bother to post anything in my blog.

But now spring is here and I am on the cusp of new beginnings. Soon I will be graduating and hopefully starting a job in the real world. Since this blog has followed me through every life change from my teenage years to my early twenties (that felt really weird typing that. Really, really weird.) I thought I owed it to my blog to return once again.

So here I am. I'll give you a quick update of the stuff that's happened before I loose my mojo: one of my best friends is getting married and I am bridesmaid, I can't decide who I am supporting for president yet, my Mom had cancer and now she doesn't, I get homesick a lot, I AM GRADUATING COLLEGE.

All that and much more, um...soon.

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