Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I am a little bit homesick. I kind of miss my Mom. But don't tell anyone. The thing I miss though, is the weather. Weather in Wisconsin is definite. It is never gloomy or in between, like the sun can't make up his mind, as it is in Rochester. The sun is definitely shining. If it's cloudy, that means rain and if the the clouds are dark and angry looking, it is most certainly going to rain. And it won't just rain on and off like it did today in Rochester, it will RAIN. The thunder will roll and the lightning will flash and the rain will come down heavy, marching army boots on the roof. It also rains at a convenient time, like the middle of the night. Not right after lunch when you are wearing flimsy canvas shoes and a hoody. And you boyfriend stole your umbrella last spring. So you get soaking wet on your way to class. But by the time class is over its stopped raining and the sun is shining.

I have been finding time to knit lately as there is nothing to do at work. But my enthusiasm has waned over the past few weeks. I pulled out the baby blanket for the imminent Mihajlov baby again. It takes me almost 10 minutes to do a row. (Granted there are 120 stitches to knit) My slowness is frustrating. The baby the blanket is for is due in October and I'm not even halfway down. I've also been slogging along on a pair of socks I take with me to class. I LOVE the yarn but still I am bored. I also really want to start a quilt or sew something but I lack motivation. My sewing is 6 inches away from me but I can't seem to work up the will to take it out from its case. I wish Katie and I could take quilting again this quarter. But not on nights like this.

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