Monday, June 04, 2007

Just give me a job, ok?

My "interview" at Macy's was a complete waste of time. I got all dressed up - I even put on make-up - for nothing. What Macy's calls an "interview" is actually the process of filling out another application and then two "assessments". So I sat in the Human Resources office in my business clothes, taking a stupid test asking me what I would do in hypothetical situations. Grrrrrrrr. At least Best Buy had the decency to do that to me online rather than in person. I will be hearing about a "second interview" later this week. Goody! I can't wait! At least tomorrow I get to go to Volume One and talk about how awesome I am at taking pictures.

And I really need my Dad to not come home drunkish from charity golf events and tell me that my normal evening activity of watching Discovery Health Channel and knitting is not helping my Mom get ready for a thrift sale they've been planning. "Does Mom need help right now?" Of course she didn't. Go put your drunk self to bed.

And we are moving this summer for reals. I can't fucking wait.

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Anonymous said...

iam sure you will wow macys at your second interview love ya