Saturday, February 10, 2007

Tonight is Wine and Cheese! Yay! The one party that Biomed kids most look forward to!

Um yup. Ever since Erin said that I write about stuff that I tell her in real life, I've been really self conscious about what I write on my blog. Soulmate or not I shake my fist at her! Btw, she has her own blogaliciousness now. Way to go. Maybe she will stalk herself?

In other news, apparently I recieved a notice stating that I am being considered for jury duty. Jury duty in Eau Claire, WI. I have to fill out and send back in a questionnaire and send it in within 10 days OMG!!!!!! I can't wait to have fun with this. I obviously can't serve (um? higher education in NY state? makes commuting difficult) but this is exciting! I wonder what the case is about? Is it juicey? It better be!


Sarah said...

Labels are for nerds!! Imean I love you. Ordering fabric to make pretty pretty dresses cuz I'm addicted =fun crafty nights. but not this sunday. is rugby > craft nights? GAHHH DRUNK OFF NO SLEEP.

love you.

Anonymous said...

i appologize for making you all self-conscious like. tell the world whatever you like, im just flattered that you care enough to tell me in person too. :)