Monday, July 03, 2006

Well shoot, its been almost a gull dern month since I posted something in this here blog. Damn. I've had computer issues. My harddrive decided to have a stroke. Everytime I tried to turn on my computer it emitted a high pitched scream. Oh poor computer what did I do to you? So off la compy went to Apple where they fixed her up in a jiffy. She came back fresh as a daisy. And wouldn't you know it, Smartie (that's me) hadn't thought to back up her music or digital snapshoties a head of time so she lost all that stuff. Sweet. But my computer no longer screams.

Summer time in the ROC is quite fine. It is hot and sticky. It rains. But luckily it is not flooded here. Although one day it did rain and all these Crawdaddies appeared in the parking lot, snapping at the pedestrians like they owned the place. Um, weird. And the muskrat/swamp monster had a baby apparently. Cuz there is a smaller version of it running around. However I do miss my dearest Sworva. Oh my love. I wish I knew how to quit you.

I am turning 21 on Monday next. The fact that this momentous occasion is a mere week away is quite daunting. Everyone in college awaits this age with much excitement and then proceeds to celebrate it with zeal and gusto. Which is exactly what I wil be doing. Some days, I still feel 17. I don't feel as if I am I should be as old as I am. I am halfway done with college and almost legal. Who am I?

A happy 4th to you all whilst I ponder this question....

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SworvaJean said...

I miss you too my Mary dear. I wish I knew how to quit you.